We’ve all been there before. You excitedly unwrap your present but then can’t hide the sheer horror and disappointment in your face. Do they even know me? How could they do this to me? I wonder how long I have to return it…

Whether it’s your mum buying you cringey clothing or your brother buying you aftershave instead of perfume, here’s our quick guide on how to put a brave face on this Christmas.
The polite smile
At the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts. So even if you know that fluorescent hat is going straight to the charity shop, just give nan the polite smile and thanks and she’ll be happy and none the wiser.
Laugh it off
Your mate has bought you the worlds ugliest novelty mug, but that’s okay because it’s hilarious, right? Laugh this one off together and tell her it will look great sat on your desk at work (or in the communal kitchen cupboard).
Play it cool
Mum’s really out done herself this year trying to update your wardrobe, but unfortunately it looks like absolutely nothing she has bought is going to fit - what a shame! No worries, mum’s always keep receipts so you can exchange it for the right size aka something you might actually be seen wearing in public.

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