Stay on Trend with High Top Trainers from Adidas Originals

Adidas at footasylum

Adidas at footasylum Stay bang on trend with show-stopping high top trainers from Adidas Originals that offer statement style with their retro shoe designs and bold, colourful looks.

Footwear fanatics are very particular about the shoes on their feet. Staying on trend is top priority when it comes to trainers. Adidas Originals are known for staying ahead of the latest footwear fashions with modern takes on older trends and stand-out designs that are bold, bright and daringly different. Adidas Originals have recently brought out a range of high top trainers that speak volumes about the brand’s desire to stay on top when it comes to trendy footwear fashions.

Join the Retro Revival with Adidas Originals

The retro revival has played a large part in fashion and footwear trends over the past year. With the re-emergence of American collegiate styles and vintage trends, many brands have incorporated the retro look into their designs. Adidas Originals is such an established brand that they have drawn on trainer designs from bygone eras when their shoes were just as popular. The high rise Adidas trainer collection has been inspired by retro footwear. Reminiscent of 80’s statement style, these kicks are making a big comeback. By reintroducing large Adidas branding and bold colours contrasted with monochrome shades; their retro-inspired high top trainers look futuristically vintage.

Be Bold with Adidas Originals

Adidas footwear likes to stand out from the crowd, much like the people who wear them. There are many ways to wear Adidas Originals high top trainers.

Skinny Jeans – Bold, high top trainers look great with skinny jeans. Pairing bulky Adidas Originals trainers with sleek denim makes your footwear pop for truly statement style.

Baggy Chinos - Adidas Originals like to create versatile footwear and their high top trainers are no exception. Paired with baggy chinos they add to a relaxed, yet stylish look.

Contrasting Colours – From bold block colour to monochrome tones, Adidas retro footwear offers an injection of colour to your outfit with high top trainers that refuse to be ignored.

Dare to Wear Adidas Originals from Footasylum

If you are looking for shoes that are at the height of fashion, you can find a range of Adidas Originals high top trainer designs from Footasylum. We stock an unrivalled range of Adidas shoes and trainers with a vintage twist. To find out more, browse our collection of Adidas footwear online today