Spotlight On Adidas ZX

It seems that a lot of leading trainer brands are having a bout of nostalgia. This year has seen the re-emergence of retro silhouettes, colourways and styles. Nike, and Adidas have all showcased a resurgence of retro sneakers this year, and it’s easy to see how popular they’ve proven just by looking at the feet treading the pavements of the catwalk, stage and high street. Here at Footasylum, in appreciation of all things retro we thought we’d give one of our favourite retro trainer lines a moment in the spotlight – the Adidas ZX line, which includes the popular favourties Adidas ZX Flux and the Adidas ZX 500 to name a few.

The Adidas ZX line was created in 1984, a year immortalised in Orwell’s classic novel, a year which also saw huge technological breakthroughs like the first Apple Macintosh computer and the first CD-ROM. A distinctly scientific climate lent itself to the first installations in the ZX series, which released a collection of running shoes specifically designed for runners of all types and abilities. Scientific developments in clothing and footwear manufacture meant that for the first time Adidas was able to create a collection of range shoes that covered all running styles: from joggers to competitive long distance runners, from all-terrain to road runners. No matter what running style, the Adidas ZX range had the answer.

Every model was carefully designed and adapted to fit the runner’s requirements, featuring subtle nuances which would fit the shoe to the runner exactly. The vast range of running models created in the ZX’s first five years made up a comprehensive running shoe catalogue, one which runners still turn to today, twenty years of trainer innovation and development later. The Adidas ZX design is often regarded as the defining archetypal training shoe silhouette around which all other brands model theirs.

Today’s Adidas ZX models are available to buy here at Footasylum. Choose from the modern and streamlined Adidas ZX Flux, the classic silhouette of the Adidas ZX 700 or the varied and exciting colourways of the Adidas ZX 500 trainer.