Show Your Love for the Stone Roses with Amplified Clothing

Amplified clothing have a cool range of Stone Roses t-shirts, but what’s with the lemon?

Amplified clothing is known for being inspired by music artists from all over the world. With t-shirts bearing the logos of everyone from classic 70’s rock bands, to modern day pop icons, there are few brands that have the same ability to look effortlessly cool.

The Stone Roses are one of the bands which you’ll find on Amplified clothing. The most popular design will always be the classic art from the band’s eponymous and now legendary album. The design simply features the Stone Roses logo with a sliced lemon underneath – it’s eye-catching and cool, especially to those in-the-know.

So what’s the Significance of the Lemon?

The cover of the Stone Roses album features a piece of abstract art: splatters of paint behind the Stone Roses logo and an assortment of lemons. The piece is titled ‘Bye Bye Badman’ and was inspired by Jackson Pollock. It is in fact in reference to the May 1968 riots in Paris, in which some people were of the belief that lemon juice could go some way to countering the effects of the tear gas used to control the crowd.

We’re not sure if lemon really works, and we hope we’ll never have to find out first-hand, but it certainly does look good on a t-shirt.

Vintage Amplified Clothing

All Amplified clothing, including their range of Stone Roses t-shirts, has a real vintage vibe. Toned-down colours and distressed fabrics are the hallmarks of classic vintage style, and Amplified has it in abundance. If you’re looking for a range of clothes that fits with your retro style, then this could be the one. The Stone Roses album was released way back in 1989, so if the 80s inspires you, then there’s no better choice.

Amplified clothing also produce other graphic t-shirts, which are right on trend at the moment.

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