Puma probably doesn’t need much in the way of an introduction. It’s one of the truly great sportswear brands and is a prime example of innovative, high-performance sporting apparel crossing over into the world of street culture and fashion.

There aren’t many sportswear brands that have consistently maintained cutting edge relevance over the decades, but Puma has managed to do exactly that. It keeps up with the ever-evolving demand for clothing that gives leading athletes a competitive edge, while makes sure its threads are never less than fashionably fresh.

Recently Puma has entered the glitzy world of F1 with its Puma Motorsport collection, which has been developed in association with a host of leading Formula 1 teams including Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes AMG Petronas. This sports luxe line succeeds in bringing a taste of high-octane Grand Prix glamour to the streets with a sharp styling and quality materials. The range includes Mercedes branded men’s t-shirts and a selection of team caps.







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