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Mr Lacy Flat laces in Black. Strong and durable, made from high quality woven fibres. An enhancement to the appearance of any footwear.

Type: Flat laces

Length: 130cm / 51 inch.

If you only purchase laces and no other items,delivery will only be charged at £2.50 for FirstClass Recorded Delivery and £5.25 for SpecialDelivery.

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9 Customer Reviews
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"They Are Laces"
Rob,22/06/2015 11:18:56
I used them to tie my shoes. They worked. What else should I say?
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Worlds Best Laces"
John,10/06/2015 16:14:32
Really good for tying up shoes, pretty much useless for anything else
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Very Good Quality."
Ricardo,06/10/2014 09:11:41
The laces were of ver good quality and cheaper than most retail stores in London
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Flat Laces review
Iris,04/10/2014 12:03:33
They are exactly what i was expecting!
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Flat Laces review
anonymous,27/12/2013 12:14:45
Very good quality, however I didn't get to use them for the shoe I wanted them for because the laces are very thick.
Would you recommend it? : Don't Know
Addie,26/02/2013 13:25:11
great quality!
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Liam,18/12/2012 13:57:03
these laces are a good length and their really white
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Flat Laces"
anonymous,24/04/2012 11:57:26
Love the colours!Tempted to get all colours!
Would you recommend it? :
"Mr Lacy laces "
Miss Rosemary Augustus,10/10/2009 16:46:24
These laces are great.They will make u look soooooooooooo attractive and peng.The will also make u bright and make u stand out from the crowd.These laces should be the first item on anyones list.
Would you recommend it? :


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