Lacoste Trainers Feature Leather and Woven Uppers

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

Lacoste, the world’s most renowned maker of casual sportswear, has developed a line of lightweight, yet extremely stylish and elegant trainers. Easily spotted by the ever-present Lacoste crocodile logo, these trainers offer simple style and comfort in lieu of high tech flash.
Much like the original Lacoste chemise, Lacoste trainers rely upon a base form of style that is then varied with a collection of different colours and textures. Examples of the latest from Lacoste trainers are as follows: Lacoste Observe models are constructed using canvas and suede uppers. A faux crocodile leather finish strengthens them. On this leather center stripe sits the familiar Lacoste croc himself. Lacoste Observes are available in black, rose bloom and milk colours. Lacoste Observe trainers are also available in Herring Bone and Suede. 

Lacoste Trainers for Every Age Bracket
Not completely devoid of brilliant colours and perhaps more in keeping with Lacoste head designer Christophe Lemaire’s vision of a huge future Lacoste youth market are Lacoste Missouri Croc trainers. Though these follow the standard Lacoste design pattern, their appeal for youth is amplified with the addition of bright and brilliant Lime Green and Antigua accent colours placed about the shoe heel and upper. Other selections for the new breed of Lacoste customer are Lacoste Prep Checkerboard trainers and Lacoste Carnabys in white/classic green. 

Ladies Also Love Lacoste
Women’s fashion is not forgotten, as Lacoste has created for ladies their Observer line, all created in softer colours and fabrics. Examples of the Observer colour scheme are White leather over Medium Green mesh and White over Pale Jade. 

Lacoste Trainers – Tradition Meets Modern Flair
Lacoste is noted as having created the world market for casual sportswear with their simple beginnings in 1933. If there is any one line of apparel that deserves to bear the label “classic” it is certainly Lacoste. Lacoste trainers fit perfectly into the line of Lacoste tradition. Whether one wants a perfect white low profile shoe for tennis or walking or a brightly colored trainer ready for dancing or dunking, the new line of Lacoste gym shoes has a pair to suit any attitude.

Ready to Try Lacoste Trainers? We Have Them at Footasylum.
Only a chosen few retail shops are selected by Lacoste to sell their products. Footasylum has joined some of the world’s most famous retailers in offering endlessly enduring Lacoste trainers. The complete line of Lacoste trainers is available at, as well as any of our twelve high street stores. Lacoste trainers run very true to size and can easily be ordered online. Should you have any questions as to price and availability, please call us on 08442090804.