Lacoste Partners Breast Cancer

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum
Fashion favourite Lacoste has teamed up with the Breast Cancer charity.

During October 2009, Lacoste donated 10% of its sales proceeds from the Pink Croc line to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It’s not the first time that the brand has raised money for this cause, and with a range of quality, stylish products taking part in the scheme, shoppers get great value as well as giving a helping hand to an important cause.

The Lacoste Charity Promise

Most major brands work with charities in order to ensure that they benefit from sales, raised awareness and additional long-term support, and Lacoste is no exception. The Pink Croc collection, which is, unsurprisingly, all pink, has been designed by the company to link with the pink ribbon theme used by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Items in the collection include a fresh pink and white striped beach or tote bag, a watch, pink flip-flops, perfume, polo shirts and sunglasses. Sales from the collection’s launch at the beginning of October went exclusively to the charity, and Lacoste then promised 10% of all sales of the line to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during the month. With the full range available on the Lacoste website as well as through high street retailers, this collection provided great exposure both for Lacoste and for the charity.

Lacoste and Breast Cancer 2010?

All companies need to show a level of social responsibility, encouraging their employees to give to their local communities and to good causes beyond the city limits of the head office. Charities need as many innovative ways to raise money as possible, raising awareness of the cause they support and broadening the base of people who donate. Joining with an established label like Lacoste is a great fund-raising for charities like Breast Cancer Research. With Lacoste putting real effort into designing a specific collection for the project, and being generous with the donations from it, it’s easy to see why the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has returned to work with Lacoste for a second year. Keep an eye out for a 2010 campaign and a newly designed collection if the two decide to work together again next year.

Lacoste at FootAsylum

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