Lacoste Joins Forces with Major Tennis Tournament

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

Lacoste and Lacoste clothing in particular has been synonymous with the sport of tennis for decades. According to a report in the Herald Sun, Lacoste have brokered a deal to be one of the major sponsors of the Australian Open.
The Australian Open is one of the biggest tournaments in tennis and the fashion label that is arguably most associated with the sport, Lacoste, have just signed a deal to be one of the event’s major sponsors. Lacoste clothing and footwear is one of the most noticeable features of modern tennis and many thousands of tennis fans will don Lacoste polo-shirts and trainers this summer in either a sporting or fashion capacity. According to the report in the Herald Sun, Lacoste are just one of the Australian Open’s sponsors as Adidas, Nike and Rolex are also on board to lend their names to the event that is set to take place later this year.

Lacoste - Uniform Fashion
According to the report in the Herald Sun, it won’t just be a fleet of tennis stars who are wearing Lacoste footwear and clothing at this year’s Australian Open tournament. The world famous fashion label, founded by former tennis player, Rene Lacoste, has struck a deal to provide all the officials, linespeople and ball boys and girls with Lacoste clothing including polo-shirts and Lacoste footwear that will be worn during the length of the Australian Open. Lacoste also sponsors some of the world’s most recognisable and successful tennis stars, including the American big hitter, Andy Roddick, who is considered a style icon which clearly showcases the credentials of Lacoste not only as a provider of quality sportswear but also as a leading fashion label on the high street.

Lacoste & Australian Open - Match Made in Heaven
The effortlessly stylish nature of Lacoste clothing makes it a firm favourite amongst tennis professionals and stars are positively lining up to lend their image to the Lacoste fashion label and pull on one of the famous Lacoste polo-shirts. It’s not just the actual tennis stars that are thrilled to associated with a brand with the grandiosity of Lacoste. Speaking to the Herald Sun, Tennis Australia executive, Steve Wood, stated, “We've shown really significant growth in our business over the last three years. We see ourselves as a global super-brand and we're targeting other global super-brands like Lacoste, Nike and Adidas.” Lacoste clothing is likely to continue to be a firm favourite not only in tennis circles but on the high street as well for many years to come.

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