Lacoste Goes Mobile

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste doesn’t just make clothes – the company is about to launch a mobile phone.

For people who love Lacoste, the news that the company is designing its own mobile phone is very welcome indeed. It’s a fact that it’s a long time since Lacoste only did basic clothing, but the brand has always been keen to expand into new areas, and the company is determined to make the crocodile logo part of your way of life as well as a key ingredient in your wardrobe.

Lacoste Has Designs on Phone

The values of the Lacoste brand have always been based on using the expertise and know-how across the whole company in order to produce the very best for its customers, and the new mobile phone is no exception. It’s a natural follow-on from the Lacoste accessories range and is expected to be much in demand when it’s launched in 2010. Serious Lacoste fans need to check out their contract terms so that they’re ready to buy the Lacoste version as soon as its released. The company has had nearly full control over the design of the phone, which will reflect the Lacoste brand values that are so loved by its fans. Sleek, sophisticated, elegant and simple, this should be a great phone to use from a practical point of view as well as looking fantastic when you take it out of your pocket or your bag.

No Barriers for Lacoste

As an ambitious label, it’s no surprise that Lacoste has decided to enter the consumer electronics market. By partnering with the right companies who have the necessary technical expertise, the company can be sure of the performance of this new addition to its collection, and by retaining control over the design, Lacoste can ensure that the experience customers get from the phone is the same as the experience they get from Lacoste clothing and accessories. Having made this move, it will be interesting to see what collaborations Lacoste will choose next. Other fashion brands, such as G-Star, are already famous for using their design skills in unusual fields, and in today’s world, it’s unrealistic to expect leading companies like Lacoste to be content to confine themselves to a single market.

Lacoste Collection at FootAsylum

Until the Lacoste phone is released in 2010, fans of the label will have to make do with the company’s excellent range of clothing and accessories, which you can buy at FootAsylum – either online or at one of our retail stores. We stock a great range of Lacoste, alongside clothing and footwear from other leading brands including Nike, Adidas and Fred Perry. Take a look at our collections today, and buy securely online.