Lacoste Breaks Out of the Preppie Mode

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

When Rene' Lacoste retired from professional tennis in 1933 and started a simple shirt company based on the comfortable white sportswear he wore at Wimbledon, no one, not even Rene' thought that this was the start of one of the most successful apparel franchises in the world.
As colors were added to expand the line and shirts were exported to the United States and beyond in the 1950s, these simple shirts emblazoned with a tiny green crocodile became synonymous worldwide with high quality casual wear. Lacoste clothing continued its steady climb in sales and popularity through the 1990s when suddenly the shirts, nor available in a dozen colours were embraced as a symbol of style for upscale youth. Lacoste shirts were marked as the ultimate fashion statement for what was called and remains, the "preppie" look. Lacoste shirts were seen in television and movies everywhere as preppie wear exemplified by Julia Roberts and Annabeth Gish in the breakout cinema, Mystic Pizza. 
Christophe Lemaire Takes Lacoste Forward  
In 2000 avante garde fashion designer Christophe Lemaire began to add to the Lacoste line fabulous new variety in the form of the seasonal prints and colours for classic Lacoste sport shirts. Jackets, pants, shoes and accessories have been added to the Lacoste line. Perhaps the most important addition to Lacoste clothing is an intangible. It is the new sense of elegance that has been fused with the older fashion trends set by Lacoste.
Taking Upscale Further Upscale 
With signature items such as diamond watches and warm comfortable brightly coloured sweaters entering the product line Lacoste has repositioned itself as the clothing people of wealth and worth want to wear. Lacoste items are superbly made. Products such as fitted dress shirts for men and girly suede pull up boots for women are sought after as buyers recognize Lacoste quality that has remained a constant for fifty years is now keeping pace with style and panache. 
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