Lacoste – The Retro Look

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste’s latest collections have a retro feel with a modern twist.

Lacoste clothing has been around for a long time and has a wide fan base. Whether you’ve come across the famous crocodile logo through the company’s considerable sports exposure, or you’re more familiar with Lacoste as a casual fashion brand, you can’t help but be impressed by the way the company mixes retro styling with modern materials and details.

Wearing Lacoste

Like other leading designer brands, Lacoste hasn’t stuck with clothing; it’s branched out into accessories, watches, perfume and even mobile phones, with a Lacoste-branded phone said to be coming to market in 2010. For all that expansion, the company hasn’t lost touch with its roots, concentrating on providing really good quality clothing to its customers. With three distinct collections for men and women, using colour, cut and fabric to create a great look, it’s no wonder that people are returning to the Lacoste label.

The Lacoste Retro Feel

What is it about Lacoste clothing that gives it the retro style? The fit is a classic retro thing – tight without being a skinny fit, comfortable not constraining. Collar styles, button-down cardigans, bold patterns and bright colour combinations all help to add to the retro feel. With real attention to detail, however and a modern take on the cutting and styling of clothing, Lacoste has retained a modern edge to its collections, giving fans the best of both worlds. Teaming this clothing with Lacoste’s extensive range of fabulous footwear gives you the opportunity to go for a co-ordinated designer look that’s smart, casual and cutting edge all at once.

Lacoste Accessories

The simplicity of the retro styling continues into the brand’s accessory lines, including bags for men and women, belts, watches and perfume. Bags for men include classic satchel bags and sports bags, as well as funky wallets and folders that again make use of colour and pattern to create a stunning retro effect. The branding on the company’s accessories change depending on the collection they come from, so you can choose either a muted, subtle branding, or a full-on crocodile image.

Lacoste at FootAsylum

At FootAsylum, Lacoste is one of our most popular brands both with shoppers who remember Lacoste from its sporting heyday and those who have just discovered the fantastic range of casual clothing and footwear this designer brand produces. We stock a wide range of Lacoste products, and you can buy them safely online for delivery to your door. Take a look and buy today or call us on 08442090804 to find out more.