Lacoste – The Classic Croc

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste are one of the giants of the fashion industry, as enduring as their fashion logo – the crocodile.

When Lacoste approached Fernando and Humberto Campana to create a limited edition polo for its annual holiday series, the designers were wary. Messing with Lacoste takes a certain amount of bravery. The old adage if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it springs to mind. Lacoste are well known for their distinctive look and style. As Fernando put it messing with Lacoste’s preppy bloodline is, "…like asking someone to change the Coca-Cola bottle."

The Lacoste Logo

The designers may have been wary about dabbling with the Lacoste vibe, but they certainly made a splash with a series of polo designs all playing on the famous crocodile logo. The designs featured Lacoste embroidered crocodiles all piled on top of each other, aimed to illustrate the natural movements of crocs in their natural habitat. Another design features dozens of Lacoste logos stitched together to form a reptilian bit of Brazilian lace. And the designers take their crocodile theme seriously with more Lacoste croc logos gathering in discrete clusters aiming to mimic an Amazonian archipelago.

Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research

Lacoste may protect its image and brand fiercely but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t launch experimental collections now and again. As well as the unusual holiday series of designs, Lacoste went pink in the name of Breast Cancer Research. A Lacoste branch in LA launched the Pink Croc Collection designed to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research. LA fashionistas gathered to join Lacoste and Vogue in the exclusive boutique to celebrate the launch hosted by Leslie Mann. Lacoste launched an entire range of pink attire with 100% of the proceeds from the launch night going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Celebrities and the cream of LA’s fashion elite could buy a range of pink apparel including short sleeved polos, beach towels, sunglasses and canvas bags.

Lacoste Loves Cupcakes

As well as the obligatory celebrities, the Lacoste event featured endless supplies of champagne alongside the unlikely cake that is now painfully hip – cupcakes. As one report said of the event: "The very moment the light brown cupcakes frosted with pink icing and bearing the famous breast cancer ribbon appeared, the server who brought them out was quickly surrounded by demanding females…We even spotted one woman shamelessly piling cupcakes on top of her copy of Vogue." Cupcakes and skinny models may not be the likeliest of matches, but the Lacoste event was a definite hit.

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