Lacoste – Putting the Sport into Fashion

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste have always had a strong association with the world of sport, and the brand has recently announced Andy Roddick will be its ambassador until 2013.

Sporting endorsements have proved to be a risky business since the ‘Tiger-gate’ affair. The millions of pounds big brands like Nike channelled into the golfing star may prove problematic if Woods’s popularity is hit by his difficult private life. But sporting endorsements are still big business for brands like Lacoste, Nike and Adidas. As brands that specialise in sports wear and casual apparel, their associations with the sports world are all part of the image and allure the brands create.

The Lacoste Legacy

Lacoste has a strong link to the world of tennis, launched by the famous René Lacoste – the player who gave Lacoste its famous crocodile symbol after acquiring the nickname ‘the Crocodile’ for his tenacity on the tennis court. And so the brand has associated itself with some of the greatest names in the sport. Andy Roddick has been an ambassador for the Lacoste brand since 2005. Roddick is ranked 5th in the world and is currently the top American player – so it’s not surprising Lacoste is backing the winner.

Roddick’s Career

As a sporting hero, Roddick boasts all the values that the Lacoste brand promotes; the label chose Roddick thanks to his ‘tenacity, elegance and performance’. Roddick has so far won Wimbledon three times thanks to his powerful serves – measured at an unstoppable 155 mph. In a press release from Lacoste, Roddick said he was proud to continue to represent a brand that has strong sporting and family values. He said: “After five years, I feel as if I belong to the crocodile family and I am happy to continue being an ambassador of the Lacoste brand and the René Lacoste legacy around the world.”
Lacoste believe backing Roddick till 2013 is a sure-bet, saying the player exemplifies the values of a champion. Being associated with success in tennis is crucial for the Lacoste brand – and choosing an American player makes sense for a brand whose leading market is the American one. Lacoste’s brand image is very much linked to its authentic sporting roots. As well as the high profile Roddick, Lacoste has renewed its partnership with the Barclays ATP world tour finals until 2013 as the official apparel and footwear brand for the tournament. Lacoste prides itself for being a lifestyle brand of relaxed elegance.

Lacoste at Footasylum

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