Lacoste – On Your Bike!

Lacoste at footasylum
Lacoste at footasylum

Lacoste is a brand that is as tough as crocodile skin, thanks to staying close to its preppy trademark vibe while taking an innovative approach.

Lacoste has survived over 70 years, becoming something of a landmark label. It's synonymous with luxury but has a preppy vibe loved by the geek chic set. Perhaps because its roots are in tennis, not, say football, it has a refinement that a brand like Nike lacks. Lacoste is the gentleman's label. But while Lacoste manages to channel these values and tap into its strong tradition, its success has to be down to its innovative approach, putting the famous crocodile on everything from men's fragrances to bike helmets.

Tapping into the Zeitgeist

The latest eco-friendly bike helmet from Lacoste is a perfect example of the brand's ability to combine its traditional style with innovation. Lacoste collaborated with the industrial designer Kyle J Ferguson to create the eco-conscious bike helmet. Let's face it, dedicated cyclists can look like a fashion disaster dressed head to toe in bright Lycra. So a Lacoste contribution to the world of bike riding is bound to be a welcome one. The Lacoste helmet may look luxuriously preppy, but it's manufactured from sustainable materials including bio-plastic, soy-based foam and organic wool. It's a brilliant concept that embraces the modern zeitgeist, tapping into the eco-generation who prefer the bike over gas guzzling cars. But ultimately, it's still fashionable. The layers of protection and breathable (herringbone) outer layer means the helmet is also ultra safe and comfortable.

The Tenacious Lacoste Attitude

Lacoste know how to diversify to keep the brand relevant and profitable. Starting out in the 1930s as the brand for a simple shirt, now Lacoste deliver a wide range of clothing and accessories – they even have plans to move into the mobile phone market. One of the recent successes of the brand includes its new energising fragrance for men – Challenge. Buying a Lacoste fragrance isn't just about how great it smells, it's about buying into the Lacoste philosophy. Rene Lacoste, the tennis champion who launched the label over 75 years ago, used the crocodile image as his logo because of his tenaciousness on the court. The fragrance is said to embody this tenacious attitude and 'effortless style' of the brand's founder. Lacoste used the actor Hayden Christensen to promote the product, who said in a press release: "I really identify with the ethos of the fragrance, to ‘never resist the call of the game’. To me, Lacoste is a brand that inspires men to embrace life’s challenges with a stylish flair and masculine elegance – just as its founder René Lacoste did."

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