Jordan may be the name of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but it’s just as likely to conjure up images of some of the hottest, most iconic sneakers of the last 30 years, as it is of the man who inspired them. The first Nike Air Jordan hit the shops in 1985, back when Michael Jordan was a 22-year-old basketball prodigy.

The Nike Air Jordan has become a template for constant stylistic reinvention. Every year, a new take on this classic sneaker is unveiled, allowing fresh talent to develop an all-new interpretation that incorporates the latest technology and cutting edge looks.

These days the Jordan brand is about more than just sneakers, our Air Jordan collection includes men’s t shirts, hooded tops, track pants, shorts and various men’s accessories including caps and bucket hats. There are plenty of ways to wear the famous Jordan logo and show your love for Nike’s most iconic line.