International Rock Stars Choose Converse Footwear

Green Day and Soundgarden to collaborate with legendary Converse footwear, bolstering their range of music-inspired products

It has recently been announced that two of the world’s biggest bands, Green Day and Soundgarden are both in collaboration with Converse footwear with the aim of making some of the coolest shoes around. If you’re a music fan, then there’s even more reason to wear Converse. You’ll be lucky to get hold of a pair though, as these are some seriously rare kicks.

Soundgarden’s Exclusive Converse Footwear

If you’re a fan of Soundgarden, who reformed just two years ago, then you might be disappointed to hear that their limited edition sneakers will be so exclusive that only 60 pairs will be made. The Converse footwear will promote their upcoming album King Animal, featuring the record’s art work, and the band’s logo.

Green Day’s Green Converse Footwear

Punk-Rock legends Green Day released their range of Converse footwear in the US earlier this month, though there’s no word on a UK release. There are three sneakers in the range, each one representing one of the band members, and one of the CDs from their latest compilation album. These high-tops are some of the most striking you’ll see, with the first one released in bright green and pink. The final pair is likely to be released very soon.

These two bands certainly aren’t the first to find their way on to Converse footwear. For several years now, the legendary American company has been making trainers branded with some of the world’s biggest bands. This includes:

  • AC/DC
  • Gorillaz
  • Grateful Dead
  • Metallica
  • The Ramones
  • The Who

You can be pretty confident that Converse will bring out even more music inspired shoes in the near future, but let’s not forget how good their range already is. Chuck Taylor All Stars are one of the world’s most popular trainers, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a cool new pair of shoes, then you’ll struggle to go wrong with Converse footwear.

Find Converse Footwear at Footasylum

Unfortunately for us in the UK, the limited edition runs of Converse footwear inspired by bands don’t usually make it across the Atlantic. If you’re looking for the rest of the Converse range, then Footasylum has a great selection of their shoes. You can buy Converse for men, women and kids, in a fantastic range of colours and designs. There’s also free delivery to stores, and discount for students.