G-Star - Still Cutting Edges in Fight to End Poverty

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum

If you know your top fashion names that you know G-Star, one of the slickest and most cutting edge names out there. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find out that far from just being fashion floozies, G-Star is a brand that takes its social responsibilities seriously.

As a brand, G-Star has only been around for a little over 20 years but already it’s one of the big players with must-see shows at London and New York fashion week. Their catwalk presence is legendary, always providing a fresh new look for each season and the fashionistas of many a fashion magazine have fallen for their modern lines and vibrant imaginative tailoring, especially when it comes to jeans and denim. But as it became more successful G-Star’s big wigs paused for thought and formed a foundation aiming to make sure that every part of their business took a long hard look at how it was operating.

G-Star and the GSRD Foundation

This is something they took very seriously, looking at the supply chain that supplies their cool looks to the High Street, making sure it was working at minimal impact to the environment and making sure their products were ethically manufactured, just like the fair trade coffee you might be swigging while you read this. With this in mind, it brought into being the GSRD Foundation which funds projects to reduce poverty, educate children and support entrepreneurs in developing countries. The foundation even linked up with the United Nations to expand their Millennium Campaign. G-Star is pitching in to reduce poverty in line with the UN’s Millennium Campaign goals, not just changing the way it runs its own business but in helping to publicise the project and get us all involved. So why not pitch in yourself, and with G-Star you can make your own contribution to bringing a little more hope to those that need it.

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