Footasylum’s Guide to Why Nike Air Jordans Rock!

Find out why Air Jordans rock with FootasylumDate Posted: 23/08/2013

Here are Footasylum Towers, we are absolutely obsessed with all manner of fashion items, trainers and sneakers. It is no surprise therefore, that we have a particular penchant for Nike Air Jordan trainers. So much so, that we have decided to put together one of our ever popular news articles about why they are so wicked, as well as some weird and wonderful facts that you may or may not have known about one of the most iconic sneakers in the world!

If any of you out there watched the hit US comedy-drama Entourage, then the chances are that you were particularly awestruck by turtle’s fashion sense. Some incredible Footasylum-esque fashion items as well as an array of sneakers to die for made him a cult hero for many fans of the show. If there was one weakness that Turtle had, then it was his Nike Air trainers and it isn’t that hard to see why.

The Air Jordan II Didn’t Even Have a Swoosh!

So confident were Nike, that their Nike Air Jordan II would be popular that they didn’t even include their swoosh on the sneaker. Worn by Michael Jordan himself for eighteen NBA matches and loved by Nike lovers across the world, this venture showed just how strong the Nike Air Jordan name had become.

Collectors Get a Little Protective

Now, this isn’t one that we particularly agree with here at Footasylum but some collectors can get a little bit obsessed about who can and can’t acquire some genuine Nike Air Jordans. In fact, we have heard stories about some fanatical collectors in the US demanding that ladies and children are prohibited from wearing the sneakers. Bit primitive we think, but a testament to how important these trainers have become to some people!

Secret Messaging

If you were lucky enough to have got your hands on a pair of Nike Air Jordan XXI’s, then you will have received a secret message direct from the manufacturers. To find out what this said, you had to put the sneaker under a black light! Out of respect for the lucky recipients, we aren’t going to divulge the messages but we challenge you to find a sneaker that can offer this kind of wickedness!

Grab Some Nike Air Jordans Today!

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