Dr. Martens

Best known for their popularity during the late 70s and 80s, Doc Martens defined the punk and grunge eras, and have rediscovered their popularity in recent years, with their 8 Eyelet Lace Up Boots, even winning an award at New York Fashion Week 2010 for the ‘best counter-cultural footwear of the decade’.

Initially designed as a work boot for factory workers and postmen, the trusty DM’s have found a place in our hearts as an exceptional style icon and one of the toughest boots that money can buy.

Rarely can a pair of boots claim as much as Dr. Martens. They’re hugely popular with people from all walks of life, they have a rich history, they’re highly authentic, they’re truly comfortable, and they’re as solid and hardwearing as boots come.

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Dr. Martens

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