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Dr. Martens Womens 1460 8-Eye Boot

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Dr Martens Womens 1460 8-Eye Boot in White. These are a direct replica of the very first boots to roll off the production line; features narrow horizontal tread bars, criss-crossed coring bars, darker sole and branding tag to top heel.

Fabric: Patent leather upper,textile lining and a man made sole.

Product Care:To maintain appearance we recommendprotecting with a suitable leather protector.

Style: Casual.

Customise your kicks with bright & colourfullaces.

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11 Customer Reviews
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"Great Product"
Heather Thomson ,23/04/2014 13:38:57
Great value and so comfy!
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Pretty In Pink"
Apache53,08/04/2013 18:07:44
Ordered late for my daughters Birthday and wow they arrived on the day one happy sixteen year old nice price to.
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Womens 1460 8-Eye Boot- FA Exclusive review
Boo,24/01/2013 22:19:36
Absolutely lovely. They were a bit tight at first (but really, what DMs are not a bit uncomfortable at first?....except maybe my Pascal Buttero Shiraz 8 eyes).... But they DO stretch and are massively comfy now. To stretch them, I shoved some big potatoes into them just where the stitching is at the base of the tongue. Leave the taties in over night for a week or so and they stretch to perfection. LOVE my DMs! (Actually these are my daughter's and she loves them too!)
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Dr Martins"
Lovell,17/01/2013 09:46:40
Bought them for my daughter who absolutely loves them. Ordered on a Sunday evening and received them on the Wednesday
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Rock And Roll"
cleo,08/01/2013 17:45:58
Iam in love. I love LOVE them. I look down and feel GOOD. They have attracted their own audience. Saving up to get every colour.
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Dr. Marvellous"
C-RAW,05/01/2013 16:31:00
Ordered mine on Friday, got them on Following Monday which is a fast as it was being processed etc on the weekend. There was no faulties with the boots and when I first wore them, they were quite heavy on my foot but I got used to it.
Would you recommend it? : Yes
SIQI LI,03/01/2013 16:00:49
I love this pair of boots very much! They are so cool and the colour is amazing. I bought a smaller pair so they don't fit me quite well but I still love them!
Would you recommend it? : Yes
megan harrington,18/12/2012 12:32:58
amazeballs i bought these for my 3 year old and she loved looking at herself in them like a mirror
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Womens 1460 8-Eye Boot review
nafisa,03/10/2012 20:57:28
These dr martens are very nice and great price :)
Would you recommend it? : Yes
"Womens 1460 8-Eye Boot"
anonymous,13/07/2012 17:44:14
i love dm's but u have to wear them in quite a lot before there comfy
Would you recommend it? :
"Womens 1460 8-Eye Boot"
Paris Jones,10/07/2012 18:43:29
Love the design but I found them unusually painful considering they're not leather but hopefully they'll stretch.
Would you recommend it? :


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