Converse Shoes are something to Sing About

Converse at footasylum
Converse at footasylum

Converse are a shoe rooted in the world of pop culture and music, the ultimate punk rockers choice of footwear.

Shoes are an essential part of your style. Shoes speaketh the man. It’s not surprising then that footwear inspires rock, pop and punk songs. What you wear on your feet is an expression of your individuality and philosophy. Converse is a shoe brand that knows all about being cool. Converse was the footwear of choice when rock ‘n’ roll was invented. It’s not surprising then that it has kept its ear firmly to the music ground picking up the latest trends and tunes.
Like the shoe, the music Converse is associated with is pretty iconic. It has teamed up with musicians to launch as series of shoes inspired by the album sleeves of various rock bands and the latest musical icon it has chosen is Blondie star Deborah Harry. The singer is teaming up with Converse sneaker designers to create a ‘punky’ shoe to tie in with her 70s image.
Blondie told the press she decided to develop a new line of the Converse baseball shoes because Converse have been “such a staple in rock ‘n’ roll and fashion for so long, it seems like a real genuine kind of relationship.”

Converse Rock

Converse sells to teenagers and the youth market, and it although it makes sense the Blondie singer is part of the Converse heritage, there’s a chance many of the target market have never heard of Blondie. Even if they haven’t heard of the star, the shoes have generic appeal; the Blondie Converse shoes are black Chuck Taylor high tops with pink laces, Harry’s iconic image on the side and ‘Blondie’ written in pink. They’re bound to melt the heart of every girl who loves pink with a dark, retro and punk inspired twist. The Blondie Converse trainers are also available as low tops and with leopard print patterns with pink, red and green lettering.

Cool Shoes, Cool Tunes

The Converse punk collection also includes new Clash shoes. As well as musicians inspiring shoes, shoes inspire musicians. Looking through pop history, there are clearly many songs named or inspired after women, cities and love affairs – but there are also a fair few named after footwear! Top ten shoe inspired pop song lists have appeared online featuring classics such as Paul Simon’s Diamonds on the Sole of her Shoes, Elvis Presley’s iconic Blue Suede Shoes and Drive Thru by Julilan Casablancas which was written as a promo for – you guessed it – Converse trainers. As one music reviewer said of the song: "…the two coolest guys on the American music scene and a relative unknown teamed up just to make sure Converse remained on their way to world domination….the trainers are the footwear supreme of any guitarist who matters, even trumping the winkle pickers of Pete Doherty and Johnny Burrell."

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