Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars: Iconic Shoes

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They’re some of the most well-known shoes in the world, but where did it all begin?

Converse is one of the world's most famous shoe makers, and their distinctive ranges of trainers are instantly recognisable.

Converse has been making shoes since 1908, but it wasn't until the 1920s that Chuck Taylor, a former salesman and basketball player became their spokesperson. He actually played for a team called The Converse All Stars, sponsored by the brand. His name is now found on many Converse trainers as a tribute to his promotion of the shoes and his design ideas. The famous patch on the side of all Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars was actually first added in order to help protect the ankle.

Converse has always been linked with the sport of basketball, and over the years, they’ve had to make custom shoes for basketball players to accommodate their larger-than-average feet. While the brand is now certainly a worldwide fashion brand, it’s still worn by basketball stars and basketball amateurs everywhere.

Huge Range

There are nearly 100 different Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes available, coming in a massive selection of colours. There's a trainer in just about any colour you can think of.

Converse pride themselves in offering shoes for everyone, from infants to men and women.

While Converse started out making basketball shoes, they are now worn the world over as casual footwear for any situation.

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