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Converse at footasylum
Converse at footasylum

Flying Converse trainers feature in the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.

We’re all used to a bit of product placement in our movies today. From the watches, cars and gadgets of James Bond to phones and drinks in teenage films, there’s always a nod to sponsors in blockbuster films. One of the latest examples of this is in the Hollywood film, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, where winged Converse trainers are used to help the characters fly.

Flying with Converse

Possibly every child’s dream, a pair of winged Converse high tops that allow you to fly are a key part of the plot in this movie. Based on the best-selling book by Rick Riordan, the movie tracks the adventures of Percy Jackson, half-human and half-god – a demi-god - who has to retrieve the lightening bolt that has been stolen from Zeus. Critics and fans agree that the film bears very little resemblance to the original story, but the winged Converse trainers are in the book as a modern twist on the winged footwear of Hermes the Messenger. Hermes is the father of Luke, another demi-god, and it is Luke who has stolen the lightening bolt. In the movie, more than one pair of winged Converse trainers are seen, in a product placement that’s clearer than most.

Converse – Feet on the Ground

Unfortunately for aspiring demi-gods everywhere, Converse doesn’t actually produce flying trainers, but their original high tops are still seen as some of the coolest footwear around. The length of time that the brand has been producing trainers means that not only is it collecting new fans from movie audiences and sports viewers; it’s also holding onto people who were wearing high tops twenty or thirty years ago and still love the look and the comfort. That’s why the company is still one of the most popular footwear brands on the market and inclusion in stories and films like Percy Jackson will ensure that its popularity continues.

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