Adidas ZX700

The ZX series houses some of the greatest Adidas running silhouettes of all time. The original blueprint: Adidas wanted to create a collection of shoes that would satisfy the needs of all types of runners from all walks of life; long distance, sprinters, all terrain, and those of us who even run for fun! The result: Adi's keen developers worked day and night at the Scheinfeld factory in Bavaria and produced a collection so ground breaking that they're still reproduced over three decades later.

The ZX700 was one of the first, released in 1985, a year after the collection was first established. It boasted an aerated metallic polyester mesh that allowed for breathability, reflective inserts, and a unique wave profiling on the compact rubber sole which gave good traction, and allowed for substantial shock absorption. These shoes were built to last, and oh boy have they.

Both of these white-based colourways will be available online and in stores from this weekend.