Adidas Vs Nike – Battle of the Brands

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Adidas and Nike are both Kings of the sports and street wear markets when it comes to training and clothing. Who would win a battle of the brands?

Adidas – Retro Cool
Any fan of Adidas trainers will tell you the brand’s appeal lies in its ability to design contemporary, high-quality trainers with a hip retro twist. Since the 1990’s, when Adidas was the brand of choice for hip hop artists like Run DMC, it has retained massive street credibility with stars and fans alike. Each season the Adidas design team come up with even cooler styles than the last, ranging from understated slimline suede sneakers, to in-your-face retro trainers with acid bright colours and chunky soles. Whilst most people are happy to snap up these new designs, some hardcore Adidas fans are prepared to pay up to thousands of pounds for original vintage sneakers in good condition, or rare limited edition designs. Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher even has an entire wardrobe full of unworn Adidas trainers – the star just can’t stop himself from buying new styles when they’re released. So it goes to show that over the decades, Adidas has built up a massive following of fans who adore its retro shoes.
Nike – Sports Cred
Whilst Adidas has its roots in Europe (the brand was created by German cobblers in the 1920’s), super-brand Nike is all-American. Top of the league in terms of sales, Nike is an all-sports brand that uses leading sports champions like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to promote its products. Unlike Adidas, which is content to let its retro styling do the talking, Nike has claimed its pole position through its heavy use of celebrity brand endorsements. However, its swoosh logo is no less iconic than the Adidas trefoil and its triple stripes, and has spawned a myriad of copy-cat versions across the globe. And the Nike range is just as varied and versatile as that of Adidas. Its offerings range from high-performance sports sneakers in simple white, to brightly coloured retro 80’s hi-top trainers. Whereas Adidas Originals features its simple logo on its clothing range, Nike likes to use its famous slogan ‘Just do it’. No one can dispute that Nike really has claimed victory over the trainers market.
Adidas Vs Nike – You Choose
Whether you opt for Adidas or Nike is simply a matter of personal taste. Do you love big, bold brash American brands? Then Nike is for you. Or are you very British, and prefer your brands cool and low-key, letting the style rather than a celebrity do the talking? In which case, time to stock up your shoe closet with Adidas. No matter which brand you opt for, you’ll have hundreds of designs to choose from, and your only problem could be deciding how many pairs you can fit into your wardrobe.
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