Adidas Sneakers enter the Virtual World

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
The world of sports and technology continues to develop in leaps and bounds, and Adidas has now entered the world of virtual 3-D.

For some, Adidas trainers are a straightforward affair – a simple if efficient running shoe. Some runners only need a pair of Adidas and an old t-shirt and sweatpants to get on with the job. But for those that take their running to the next level, technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the sport. Now runners can monitor their training thanks to gadgets in their Adidas’ shoes that gather information that can be downloaded into running programmes on PCs.

Adidas for Gadget Lovers

Recently Adidas teamed up with Polar Electro to introduce the first completely integrated training system. ‘Project Fusion’ integrated heart rate, speed and distance monitoring equipment developed by Polar Electro into Adidas clothing and footwear. The result? The perfect solution for runners who love gadgets. But the technology also helps professional runners who need to monitor their fitness levels in order to continually develop their training programme. Transmitters in Adidas clothing send information to a wrist-mounted running computer, displaying and recording all information in real time. Adidas shoes such as the AdiStar Fusion feature cavities in the sole that house the Polar stride sensors to capture speed and distance. The technology allows you to manage and analyse your fitness levels.

Virtual Games for Real Runners

For serious athletes, the kind of information specialised Adidas gadgets offers gives them the objective information they need to formulate a precise and bespoke training regime. And now Adidas have taken technology even further. The latest Adidas development is a virtual 3-D world that can be accessed using a bespoke line of Adidas men’s sneakers. Augmented reality is set to be the technological trend of 2010. In a press release, Chris Barbour, head of digital marketing at Adidas Originals said:
“The foundation of augmented reality lies in adding a layer to the real world. That’s what we have done. We have taken a real world item and added a fantastic virtual world on top of that”
Users visit the Adidas website and hold up their specialist trainers embedded with a code to their webcam. A virtual world is then accessed that they can navigate through, using their trainers as their controls. Adidas plan to introduce augmented reality games using the technology.

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