Adidas Shoes for Every Sport

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Trainer and apparel giant Adidas has announced a complete line of tennis rackets for the 2009 season. Each of the rackets is named after a benchmark Adidas tennis shoe, those being Barricade, Response and Feather.
In theory, each racket is matched to each shoe, giving user and wearer’s superior combined performance. As Adidas owns Taylor-Made Golf and offers golf shoes to match drivers, one wonders if all of sports apparel marketing ill begin to be tied closely to sports equipment. Certainly, the success of Nike with Nike Golf and their licensed TW Tiger Woods line sits as proof that the best way to sell high end trainers is to prove their worth on the field of battle.
Adidas for Those of Us Not Playing Wimbledon
For those of us not teeing off at St. Andrews or serving on Centre Court at Wimbledon, Adidas certainly has a very attractive line of stylish, but definitely not outrageous trainers. A favorite is the Adidas London trainer, available in Poppy. Keeping with the City theme, Adidas has introduced their Dublin City trainer in bright royal blue. As mentioned, tennis is well represented in the Adidas line in both their matched to rackets collection and Forest Hills Vintage assortment. One looks at the Adidas Forest Hills 82 Vintage and can almost hear John McEnroe screaming at the umpire.
Laced Trainers From Adidas Offer Breathable Comfort
Adidas laced trainers, available in three combinations of white have two distinct and valuable characteristics. The obvious first of these is that the lace material used to create the shoes’ upper lets air circulate around the foot. This shoe “breathability” is further amplified by a series of eyelet vents. The other less obvious advantage to Adidas laced trainers is that they are remarkably inexpensive. Adidas Laced trainers cost fifty percent less than most other Adidas gym shoes. Adidas laced trainers also feature a flat soled traction surface that make them very suitable for a wide range of sports activities, including tennis, skateboarding and if one is truly up to the adventure, walking.
hirts to Match Shoes, From Adidas
In looking over the Adidas line of trainers, it is also apparent that while matching sports equipment to famous Adidas designer brand footwear, the company also seems to have chosen to match cut and colour of tee shirts and jackets to trainers and plimsoles. Quality Adidas shirts and hoodies are all colour coordinated with the complete line of Adidas footwear.
If Your favorite Shoe is Adidas, Find it at Footasylum
Some people prefer Adidas, some will wear only Nike and others are intensely loyal to Britannia’s own Reebok. Whatever your favorite brand of designer shoe may be, you will find it in all of the latest styles and colours at FootAsylum. There are many high street Footasylum stores offering United Kingdom customers thousands of quality designer label shoe and apparel items. Foot Asylum offers safe, secure online shopping, with easy checkout and fast delivery. .