Adidas Originals Presents the Hip Hop & Love Tour

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Hip hop music creates its own fashion culture, bringing together the importance of personal attire, personal style, fashion personality and the world of arts and entertainment. And Adidas Originals? Well, Adidas Originals have always played a major role in the world of arts, music and modern culture. From the streets of London and the heights of New York city to the back streets of Mumbai and Siem Reap’s art underground art scene, Adidas Originals are admired and worn by artists and music fans around the world.

Today, there are many scenes where Adidas Originals can be spotted, including the skate scene, the BMX culture, the world of house music and of course, American hip hop.

The Hip Hop Influence

Adidas Originals are considered retro, street and hip. But they were originally inspired by the music scene of the 70s and 80s, and each design represents the simplicity of shoe design. The Adidas Originals footwear collection features simple lines and block-colouring for that retro look, and the Adidas Originals clothing range feature casual looks, bringing back that relaxed 70s and 80s style.

Since the Adidas Originals launch, the natural formation of groups, communities and subcultures transformed the Originals collection into something that young people can aspire to be seen in.

Today, the Adidas Originals have become an adored piece of fashion footwear for hip hop fans and the latest Hip Hop & Love tour presents some of the scene’s most amazing up and coming artists.

Adidas Originals Presents Hip Hop

The Hip Hop & Love tour presents Murs, Tabi Bonney, Ski Beatz & The Senseis, McKenzie Eddy, Da$h and Sean O’Connell. This incredible collection of artists, supported by the Adidas brand, will be touring the US with their favourite Adidas Originals gear.

Throughout the Autumn/Winter season, the tour will be plaguing the United States and Canada with the freshest, hippest music from the American rap scene, and schedule will take the Adidas Originals sponsored tour to the likes of California, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Florida, Massachusetts and Texas.

The tour also inspires some of the best rap mix tapes which are available to download from the internet, so that people outside of the US can get a taste for the Adidas Originals inspired music too.

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