Adidas Originals - Checkthe Brand New AW 10 Collection

Adidas at footasylum

Adidas at footasylum

Ever wondered how new fashion collections are prepared and launch for each new season? Read on to find out...

The new Autumn and Winter 2010 Adidas Originals collection is hitting the shops right now, so don’t miss out on the very latest looks for this winter. The brand new AW10 collection from Adidas originals covers a new spectrum of sporty designs with high fashion. Adidas Originals have started the new deliveries ready in time for online shopping and getting their products into high street stockists. The new Firebird track tops and track pants will be welcomed enthusiastically by Adidas Originals fans. The track pants and matching Firebird track tops mean you’ll always feel comfortable, stylish and practical on the running tracks.

Firebird Track Tops - Adidas Originals to Suit your Sport

Although Adidas is well known as a sportswear manufacturer in recent years their clothing ranges have diversified to include mainstream trousers, t shirts, sweat shirts and jackets too. But their brand new AW10 collection sports some classic track tops with a twist. The women’s Firebird Laces track top has, on the back a Trefoil created out of woven laces. This gives a standard and relatively plain classic track top an unexpected designer touch. It even comes with an extra lace so you can experiment and change the look if you desire.

Adidas Originals Brand New AW10 Collections

The sportier among us will absolutely love the wide choice available this winter from Adidas Originals. Their new clothing range has yet again hit the right spots in terms of quality, design and innovation. With colours like Deepest Purple and names like Future Ocean they add a great range to choose from in fantastic shades. The new range of Firebird track tops and pants come in brilliant colours to choose from like metallic gold and black, Pink Buzz and metallic silver, light aqua and indigo, or the simple, but ever popular running white, with metallic silver, or black with running white lines. Whichever colour you decide to have you’ll be buying into a little bit of class Adidas history.

Three Stripes of Legend – Adidas Originals Trefoil Design

It doesn’t matter which range of clothes from Adidas you choose to wear as they’re all great designs, but you’ll always recognise the now famous Adidas Trefoil emblazoned on the back of the Firebird track tops and over your heart. The three stripes of Adidas were trademarked in 1994 but had been used on the clothes and trainers, since the early days from the fifties onwards by the company as a clearly identifiable symbol of the Adidas quality. Unfortunately it’s also been the focus of plagiarism and court battles ever since. Many less well known shops have tried to emulate the three stripes in order to boost their own sales but haven’t succeeded.

Firebird Track Tops by Adidas Originals from the Foot Asylum

Buy online right now by simply selecting the item of clothing you want. We’ve a wide range of top quality Adidas Originals Firebird track tops that are featured in the brand new AW10 collection. So don’t miss out, buy your track tops today from the Footasylum.