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Adidas Originals Sale – Don’t Miss Out on Super-Cool Sportswear

Make sure you don’t miss out on an Adidas Originals sale

Adidas Originals Clothing – Retro Style in the 21st Century

Bringing back sporting style from the good old days

Adidas Footwear –Three Stripes and You’re Out

If you’re looking for some super-cool casual going out shoes, Adidas footwear could be the answer.

Adidas Originals – Re-engineering the Iconic Track Top

Adidas Originals is continuing to enhance and develop their iconic range of track tops by engineering new and exciting designs with a retro sport twist.

Adidas Trainers-Look Like a Pro In the Gym

If, like many people, you have made a resolution to join the gym this January, here is a guide to blending in with the crowd and looking like a pro in the gym.

Adidas Originals Presents the Hip Hop & Love Tour

Love hip hop? Love Adidas Originals...

Tune into Your Own Trend with Adidas Originals

You can tune into your own trend with Adidas originals that let you make your create your own statement style when it comes to trendy footwear and apparel.

Adidas Originals-Wicked Workout Gear

Looking for some extra motivation for your training sessions? Inject some style into your workout wardrobe with the help of Adidas Originals.

Get Sack Loads of Style with Adidas Bags

Whatever your chosen sport, you can get sack loads of style to and from your training with Adidas bags in a range of colours and designs that are both functional and fashionable.

Stay on Trend with High Top Trainers from Adidas Originals

Stay bang on trend with show-stopping high top trainers from Adidas Originals that offer statement style with their retro shoe designs and bold, colourful looks.

Adidas Originals – There’s No Business Like Shoe Biznazz

Make it your business to know which shoes are hot with the latest range of Adidas Originals trainers that bring colours, styles and designs that are worn by sports professionals and celebrities around the world.

Get Stand-Out Streetwear with Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals could give you that stand-out style you are looking for with vibrant colours and bold designs that are a fusion of the latest fashions and Adidas’ own originality; for statement street wear that always makes an impact.

Do Your Feet a Favour with Adidas Originals

Adidas trainers could help you show your true colours with bold statement footwear and functional trainers that are engineered to perform to do your feet a favour.

Adidas Originals-What’s New for 2011?

Adidas Originals has collaborated with fashion powerhouse Diesel to create a super cool collection of footwear that is bang on trend for 2011.

Adidas Gets into Sound

Never one to shy away from great partnerships, Adidas has teamed up with Sennheiser.

Adidas Aims for Massive Growth

It may already be a world leader, but Adidas is ambitious for more.

Adidas – A New Perspective

As a major street wear brand, Adidas knows that it has to keep its collections fresh and ahead of the game.

Adidas extends Chelsea Partnership

Adidas has extended its sponsorship partnership with Chelsea FC to 2018.

What do you Look for in Adidas Shoes?

There are various different things that consumers will look for when it comes to choosing Adidas shoes but there are so many options when it comes to Adidas footwear, that it is never difficult to find a pair of designer shoes that fit the bill.

Get the Right Response from your Adidas Trainers

When picking Adidas trainers, there are certain traits that will help turn heads with your choice of their many eye-catching options. It is important to match your Adidas shoes with your other clothing to get the right response.

Adidas Originals – Check Out the Brand New AW 10 Collection

Ever wondered how new fashion collections are prepared and launch for each new season? Read on to find out...

Brand New AW10 Collection - Originality by Design

Adidas designs have been protected by the lawyers working for the brand for many years, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

Adidas on the Ball Again With World Cup Innovations

Adidas are widely recognised as the champs when it comes to getting in on the act with high profile sporting events. As you watch the World Cup you’ll see many teams and players togged- up in Adidas kit from head to toe. But it Doesn’t End at Their Toes...

Adidas Originals to sponsor Being...N-Dubz on Channel 4

Heritage sports brand Adidas Originals is looking to expand its ‘Old Skool’ marketing strategy by sponsoring a leading UK chart topping act as they make their fly on the wall TV debut.

Adidas Extends NBA Deal

Adidas continues its presence in the basketball market by extending its high profile deal with the NBA.

Adidas Warns of Fake Emails

Adidas is the latest in a long line of big names to fall foul of fake email scams. It may have originated back in 2008, but a fake Adidas email can still be found doing the rounds of cyberspace.

Adidas Pins Hopes on World Cup

Adidas is the second biggest sports goods company in the world, and the brand is aiming to keep in the running with hopes of World Cup glory.

Adidas - The Magic Trainers

Adidas trainers have been picked up by musicians and bands for decades creating hot trends – one of the most famous being the lace-less look adopted by Run DMC.

Adidas Goes Sci-Fi

Adidas launches new Star Wars collection with the help of top celebrities.

Adidas Counts Down to 2010 World Cup

The Football World Cup is to most eagerly-awaited sporting event of the year – and Adidas is a major sponsor.

Adidas Sneakers enter the Virtual World

The world of sports and technology continues to develop in leaps and bounds, and Adidas has now entered the world of virtual 3-D.

Adidas Invests in Ethical Image

Luxury sports giants such as Adidas and Nike have long been criticised for big money sponsorships, but it seems Adidas has had a change of heart.

Adidas Scores an Ace

Adidas know a thing or two about bagging a winning athlete, and the sporting giant has certainly scored an Ace with Any Murray.

Are Adidas Out of the Woods?

The Tiger Woods scandal has impacted on a number of endorsement deals, so are leading brand Adidas pulling out of their endorsement deal?

Adidas Makes Sponsorship Choices

A huge brand like Adidas needs to be sure it’s getting the most from its sponsorship choices. Adidas handles sponsorship at all levels, from the biggest sporting events, such as the Olympics, to small charity projects that need the boost of a big brand.

Adidas Bags Murray

Andy Murray is to wear Adidas competition gear from 2010. Formerly tied to Fred Perry sportswear, the UK’s top men’s singles player, Andy Murray has signed a deal with Adidas.

Adidas v Puma - Sibling Rivalry

Adidas may be one of the world’s biggest sports manufacturers today but that doesn’t mean it’s above a little sibling rivalry.

Adidas - Working Girl

The 70s and 80s are back, could working women ditch their heels and don a pair of Adidas on the commute to work just like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?

Adidas Turns Corner

Adidas believe it will turn the corner and start jogging up the road towards financial recovery.

Adidas Hits the Financial Headlines

Adidas is used to winning – the sportswear giant has always been on top of the world, but recent news shows even Adidas are not immune from the fluctuating economy.

Adidas Has Balls

Adidas has long had strong associations with the world of sport, from football to golf. Adidas sports shoes are loved by runners and fashion aficionados alike.

Adidas Winter Sports

Check out Adidas’ range of equipment and clothing for winter fun.

Adidas to Launch World Cup Products

Autumn 2009 is when Adidas is expected to launch its range of football world cup products.

Adidas Trainers – Superstars in Suede

It is fair to say that most trends are fairly reciprocal and will eventually come back into fashion and this is something which has recently been witnessed with a new form of Adidas Superstar trainers crafted from suede. The Adidas Superstar is one of their most popular forms of footwear.

Adidas Restructures Reebok

Adidas is the sporting giant that owns Reebok trainers - and they're hoping to revive the Reebok brand.

Adidas – The Designer Touch

Adidas is known for mixing the worlds of sport and fashion with celebs as diverse as David Beckham and Stella McCartney on its books.

Adidas – Fighting Fit

Adidas works hard at making sure its performance range of sports gear is stylish and functional.

Putting a Spring in your Step with Adidas Trainers

Obviously, Adidas are not one for resting on their laurels and offer new incarnations of their footwear year round but this spring and summer are set to be big for Adidas trainers. There are many exciting Adidas footwear offerings to look forward to.

Adidas Could Outrun the Recession

Nobody is immune from the global downturn, but Adidas seems to be coming out fighting.

Adidas – A Question of Sport

Adidas has become one of the leading fashion labels in the world, but its feet are firmly on the sporting track.

Adidas – New Style Launched by Adidas

Adidas are famed for being pioneers in the world's of men's and women's fashion with their Adidas trainers and sports clothing so it is little wonder that much is expected of Adidas' new collection, Style Essentials. Adidas are again set to make waves in 2009.

Adidas Trainers – All that Glitters

Adidas trainers are well known for standing out from the crowd but they really went that extra mile for their 60th anniversary by producing a diamond encrusted pair of Adidas trainers that certainly look the part to say the least.

Adidas – German Sportswear Giant Adidas Plans to Celebrate 60th with a Bang

Adidas have long been established as a leading player in both the sport and fashion arena but the German sportswear label plan to use their 60th birthday celebrations in 2009 to really give Adidas footwear and clothing a platform to excel.

Adidas – Sportswear Giants Adidas Turn Attention to Clothing

Adidas are world renowned for their sportswear and footwear ranges but, according to a report on the Daily Record, 2009 may see Adidas turning their attention to fashion with their much hyped Adidas Originals clothing range which boasts many celebrity endorsements.

Adidas Shoes for Every Sport

Trainer and apparel giant Adidas has announced a complete line of tennis rackets for the 2009 season. Each of the rackets is named after a benchmark Adidas tennis shoe, those being Barricade, Response and Feather.

Adidas - Taking Back the Market it Created

Adidas, the first mass manufacturer of high-end running shoes, seeks to recapture a share of the market it created by returning to the simple classic designs that catapulted the shoemaker to success.

Adidas – Street Vs Sports

Adidas is famous for its three-stripe street wear trainers as much as for its high-performance sports gear. Which one would you choose?

Adidas vs Nike

Adidas and Nike are both Kings of the sports and street wear markets when it comes to training and clothing. Who would win a battle of the brands?

Adidas - Adidas Invest Big in the London Olympics

Adidas are, of course, most noted for their Adidas trainers and Adidas sportswear but the multinational company are never afraid to invest in marketing opportunities and they don’t come much bigger than the London Olympics.

Adidas Trainers - Adidas Relaunch Popular Sala Style Trainers

Adidas have been producing trainers that have found considerable favour amongst Adidas fans for many years now but they recently relaunched the Sala style Adidas trainers which have been particularly popular in Japan.

Adidas Trainers - Oasis Star's Retro Obsession

Oasis star Noel Gallagher is known for his obsessive personality but not many people know that he has an obsession for retro Adidas trainers and actually has hundreds of pairs of Adidas trainers in mint condition.

Adidas - Adidas Extend Deal with Italian Giants AC Milan

Adidas are, without doubt, one of, if not the, most recognisable brands in the world of sport, with their distinctive 3-stripe design. The multinational company recently announced Adidas would make AC Milan’s kits until 2017.

Adidas Trainers - May the Force be with you

Adidas may not quite have conquered the whole universe in terms of the epic branding capabilities but it appears that Adidas are set for an intergalactic impact after limited edition Star Wars Adidas trainers were released.

Adidas Unveils Spring / Summer Line Up 

Few clothing lines have managed to successfully reinvent themselves as frequently as Adidas. The Adidas footwear and clothing range is amongst the most popular in the world and Adidas recently announced their summer line-up.

Adidas - Sportswear Giants Reap the Benefits of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is, of course, one of the biggest sporting events on earth sporting giants Adidas reaped the benefits of their exposure at the Beijing Olympics from athletes wearing Adidas trainers and Adidas apparel.

Adidas Trainers - Adidas Benefits from Unusual Viral Marketing

It goes without saying that viral marketing is one of the most successful methods and Adidas trainers recently received a fillip when a US comedian decided to run around America wearing nothing but Adidas trainers.