Adidas – Working Girl

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
The 70s and 80s are back, could working women ditch their heels and don a pair of Adidas on the commute to work just like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?

The 70s and 80s are back. There are reports of remakes of classic TV series from the seventies, such as Blake 7 and Upstairs Downstairs. And in the cinemas, you can catch the remake of the 80s hit Fame! All of this, of course, impacts on fashion. And so when it comes to footwear, are women about to face a revival of wearing Adidas or Nike trainers on the way to work in homage to that Melanie Griffith hit, Working Girl?

Adidas – Get Walking

It’s only a matter of time until women start donning Adidas trainers with their working suits and skirts once more. Flat shoes are officially in vogue, as classic flats like brogues are making a come back. In the eighties, women relied on the ‘working girl’ style Adidas trainers to get from their train/ bus or tube to the boardroom, switching to their heels once safely in a carpeted office. It’s not surprising that flat styles are making a comeback. Business and working women may want style and elegance, but they want comfort too. The art of switching footwear to commuting women makes perfect sense. Wearing sturdy but cool Adidas trainers ensures working women can walk comfortably, safely and fast on the streets. And packing a pair of heels, or leaving a pair to change into in the office means women don’t have to allow their feet to suffer in the name of style or vanity.

Heave-Ho Heels

Heels may be feminine, but flats are all about comfort. As one fashion critic noted, ‘women’s footwear is having a male moment’. But trainers like Adidas offer the perfect compromise – style and fashion as well as comfort. As more women reclaim big brand trainers like Adidas, either on the commute to work or at the weekends, fashion commentators say it’s all part of the mannish trend that saw women embrace ‘boyfriend jeans’ and men’s shirts. Young women in the eighties grew up with branded trainers like Adidas – where comfort combined with a sports or dance attitude. Women are turning their backs on pain and discomfort. The idea of wearing instantly comfortable and supportive trainers like Adidas instead is a huge relief after years of squashed and crippled toes.

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