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Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Adidas trainers have been picked up by musicians and bands for decades creating hot trends – one of the most famous being the lace-less look adopted by Run DMC.

Adidas is worn by some of the biggest names in music. It’s a brand that somehow hits a chord with musicians. Some rock legends collect vintage Adidas to tap into a retro style. Others opt for the more street-style Adidas trainers to fit their image. But perhaps one of the most famous bands who adopted Adidas as a trademark is Run DMC. Reverend Run from the band has been hailed as a hip hop pioneer. Fashion and hip hop has always had a close relationship; aspirational labels like Adidas were reclaimed by the street. And in the States Adidas and Nike were worn by gangsters, kids and musicians alike.

Adidas and Reverend Run

Reverend Run however did something different when he and his group Run DMC wore lace-less Adidas trainers. Taking the laces out was thought to be a nod towards prison – where inmates had their laces removed so they didn’t have anything that would be a danger to themselves or others. But how did the trainers stay on their feet without the laces? According to a blog post the Rev Run recently wrote, it was by "magic". He wrote on his blog that he never had problems keeping the Adidas sneakers on his feet “for whatever reason – it was magic, I don’t know.”

It was probably more to do with the design of the Adidas shoe, but Reverend Rum certainly triggered a fashion trend in the 80s with his trademark lace free Adidas Superstar trainers. Reverend Rum, whose real name is Joseph Simmons, said in his blog that wearing the Adidas shoes without laces inspired the term ‘felon shoes’. Reverend Rum wrote: "I guess it was the extreme hood-flavour that people knowing that guys coming straight from jail wore them with no shoestrings for whatever reason."

The Making of a Brand

The trend for Adidas and Nike trainers was such that in the eighties regular stories of people and kids being mugged for their trainers were reported. And like most major fashions, the kudos of the trend was down to its street authenticity. The shoes you wore in the eighties really mattered. As Rev Run explained there was a change in the style tide which saw people "spend more money on kicks." The world responded to what Run DMC wore on their feet. Rev Run saw himself as a trend maker with his finger firmly on the pulse: "When it starts to smell like a hood thing, it’s already under my foot, ‘cus I got a record deal and I’m extra cool," he wrote. "Now you learning about Adidas real quick ‘cus we chose them. Now that we chose them, you chose them and they exploded and it helped their brand and in the end helped me launch my own sneaker company."

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