Adidas - Taking Back the Market it Created

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Adidas, the first mass manufacturer of high-end running shoes, seeks to recapture a share of the market it created by returning to the simple classic designs that catapulted the shoemaker to success.
For those who are not old enough to remember, there was a time when running shoes were called sneakers. Moreover the only people who made these canvas shoes with flat rubber soles were Keds, PF Flyers and an upstart company selling basketball shoes named Converse. All of those firms were soon eclipsed by two generation's of hefty purchases of sneakers, now called running shoes that were far more comfortable stylish and sturdy. Of those "big three" sneaker makers only converse remains a high end brand due to the ceaseless popularity of its high top basketball shoes. The beginning of the other’s demise was the creation of running shoes by Adidas.
Adidas Made Sneakers into Running Shoes
Adults seldom wore sneakers in the late 1960s. The occasional low cut tennis shoe was acceptable summer footwear for ladies but real men wore heavy shoes that strained them to take a step by workday's end. When running, (or jogging as it was called then) became a craze in the mid seventies a variation on the athletic runners shoe was developed. Adidas pioneered mass production and promotion of these new "running" shoes.
Running Shoes Begat Trainers
The running shoe as popularized by Adidas has been redesigned and varied a thousand times. As more sports use was developed for the shoes they began to be referred to as cross trainers, and then finally simple trainers. Thirty years of sneaker transition has created a diverse sneaker culture as the original name for light gym shoes has reemerged.
Adidas Seeks to Regain its Customer Base
Orange and blue Nike Dunks are not for everyone. Not everyone wants a flat soled skateboarding shoe. Some people albeit a bit older people, want a classically styled sneaker, trainer, or running shoe that has a bit of colour, a strong support on arches and makes them remember when they too could run like the wind. With this in mind Adidas has reinstated the look and the lines the created the entire concept of the running shoe.
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