Wacky Lady Gaga T Shirts – I’m a Free Bitch

Amplified  at footasylum

Amplified at footasylum
Lady Gaga is as well known for her off-the-wall style as she is for her music. If anyone is successful in pushing the boundaries of fashion in the music industry, then it’s Lady Gaga.

Owning one of the stylish Amplified t shirts featuring Lady Gaga is one step closer to emulating her kooky style. The Lady Gaga t shirts feature the ‘Free Bitch’ photo print on the front of the t shirt, and the image is of a topless Gaga wearing short blonde hair tucked under a black leather peaked cap. She’s looking over her shoulder with a finger in her mouth, as if posing for a page 3, sexy image. The back of the Lady Gaga t shirts are simply plain white, and make the bold purple typeface stand out even more. If you want to own one of these exclusive Amplified, featuring the Lady Gaga designs then place your order on Foot Asylum today.

Outrageous Amplified T Shirts - Lady Gaga T Shirts

Lady Gaga seems to be the main force behind her reputation for pushing the boundaries of fashion when appearing to perform at major events. From torn up and holey fish net tights worn with no skirt or shorts on the top, to the amazing white, flouncy creations, extreme head gear and over-the-top makeup, she’s been a phenomenon of strange anti- fashion.

Lady Gaga T Shirts – A Fantasy for Fun-Loving Fans

Now that top designs like Giorgio Armani are even designing outfits for her, the style has become even more based in the realms of fantasy. Silk mesh bodysuits embroidered with lace, crystal and jet beading, topped with a silk organza hooded cape and black patent boots complete one of the looks that Lady Gaga wore in the US for American Idol. Lady Gaga has also been reported traipsing around London streets and local pubs wearing her eccentric clothes combinations. Her eclectic style certainly causes heads to turn so if you love Lady Gaga and adore Amplified t shirts, take a look at the range we have in stock on Foot Asylum today.

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