Voi Jeans and Hi-Tops

Voi jeans at footasylum
Voi jeans at footasylum

When it comes to men’s fashion, it’s all about Voi jeans and Hi-Tops in 2010.

Wearing a pair of Converse, Nike or Adidas Hi-Tops with Voi jeans is the height of men’s fashion. What’s more – it isn’t just men – just as women stole their boyfriend’s jeans launching a whole new style of ‘boyfriend jeans’, they’re also stealing their hi-tops. Fashion brands like Voi are big business thanks to their ability to offer effortless but casual style. Voi is all about being on the brink of cutting edge fashion. It became famous for its Voi jeans primarily which used revolutionary wash techniques and featured bespoke design ensuring they stood out from the denim crowd. Voi is a hands-on brand that, unlike other big brands that have been outsourced, still runs from its own factory, ensuring the brand’s standard and superior quality remains high. After the success of Voi jeans, the brand applied this formula to their own clothing brand which became a phenomenal success. The heritage style of its knits, t-shirts and polos all featured the distinctive Voi swirl logo.

Voi Jeans – On Trend

Voi is a mid-market fashion brand and as such the clothes are ‘designer’ but accessible. Matching Voi Jeans with hi-tops is on trend at the moment. The chunky oversized trainers used to be restricted to basketball players, but now everyone wants them – including women. The fact that the Jimmy Choo boss Tamara Mellon has launched her own hi-tops (at £395 there’s a waiting list!) shows that even women who love a label synonymous with Sex and the City style killer heels are eager to wear the trainers.

It’s been dubbed the ‘hi-top revival’ by fashion journalists who’ve declared the combo of Voi jeans and hi-tops suddently ‘a chic option for everyone’. Big names in fashion have edged into the trainers market including Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo.

According to the fashion magazines, 2010 will feature a revival of 1990s style and the return of sensible shoes including trainers, demi-wedges and kitten heels for women. And this kind of footwear demands denim. And women nabbing their boyfriend’s Voi jeans to complete their retro-look could be a move that’s on the cards.

A ‘Trend with Legs’

Usually catwalk designs made for women dictate women’s trends but this time around it is menswear that has heavily influenced what women will be wearing in 2010. Leather hi-tops returned to men’s catwalks a few seasons ago, and in 2009 Kanye West produced his statement hi-tops in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. And now the market editor of Vogue, Emma Elwick is becoming known for wearing several styles of hi-tops. According to the experts, it’s definitely a “trend with legs”.

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