Voi Embrace Facebook

Voi jeans at footasylum
Voi jeans at footasylum

Cutting edge brands like Voi are embracing social networking platforms to reach their target audience.

Facebook and Twitter it seems have taken over the world. And as a platform to reach millions of people all over the world cheaply and effectively, it’s not surprising big brands like Voi are jumping on board the social networking bandwagon. But one thing’s for sure, social network users don’t want to be bombarded with adverts or promotions that simply aren’t relevant to them. For designer brands like Voi however, the social networking site is a perfect match.

Voi at Footasylum

Setting up the Voi Jeans brand on Facebook was a no brainer. Becoming a fan of a fashion brand makes marketing sense; after all labels like Voi are all about expressions of personality and lifestyle. It isn’t like selling toilet paper or radiators. Voi is all about image and identity. The Voi brand has its own philosophy to stay at the cutting edge of the fashion world with its revolutionary wash techniques, style and embellishments sourced from all over the globe. Voi offer a unique look that combines fashion and innovation with superior quality. The success of Voi has seen it move on from a denim brand when it was established in 1988 into a general fashion brand. Its clothing range includes heritage style products such as knits and polos. The success of Voi has been witnessed at stores like Footasylum and the grass roots of the company have spread across the UK as Voi becomes a nationwide brand.

Social Networking Big in 2010

Social networking is a natural home for Voi working as an effective word of mouth tool for the brand. The nature of Facebook means there is space for smaller brands to compete with big corporations. In fact, brands like Voi look more authentic next to the big marketing spend of products like Coca-Cola. But the fact that Coca-Cola has shifted its digital focus away from traditional campaign sites and towards social networking platforms such as Facebook reveals how social media is dictating marketing activity for brands across the board in 2010.
The fact that the FMCG giants are moving into campaigns on Facebook reveals the belief that the long-term future of brand marketing lies with social media. And when it comes to brands like Voi that are all about self expression and lifestyle, social media is an obvious home.

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