Voi – Bring on the Colour

Voi jeans at footasylum
Voi jeans at footasylum

Looking for bright colours and quality design? Choose the new Voi clothing range.

Voi may be best known for its denim wear, but the company’s range of clothing has won many new fans and given the brand a new outlet. Focusing on the ever-popular t-shirts, polo shirts, knitwear and jackets, Voi has entered a highly competitive street wear market, and showed that it’s got what it takes to make great clothing.

Brighten Up with Voi

One of the hallmarks of Voi’s clothing collection is the colours. Not afraid to use swathes of bright colours, either as full colour for clothing or as detail against a more neutral palette, you know that when you choose Voi, you’re choosing an up-front, confident attitude to go with your wardrobe. Voi’s bold collection includes:

  • Redford Polo – these polo shirts are traditional in design, but that’s where the similarity ends. Using colours that cry out for attention, Voi has created a range of fantastic-looking polo shirts that will turn heads wherever you wear them. Available in block colours including bright pink, deep purple and vibrant yellow, and all with the distinctive Voi logo, these are great shirts for summer.
  • Knitwear – Voi’s extensive range of knitwear does include some subtle shades, but there’s plenty of bright patterning and colour detail for those who love to look loud. From the New Grant v-neck sweater that livens up a dark charcoal body with a bright fuchsia collar to the Harrison range of jumpers that come in a variety of bold colours, there’s something for everyone.
  • T-shirts – t-shirts are a key staple of any street wear wardrobe, and Voi’s collection needs to stand apart from the competition. By combining colour and bold branding, Voi has managed to create a range of t-shirts that have great street cred, but don’t copy the styles or designs of any existing brand.
Voi at FootAsylum

Since Voi Jeans launched its clothing range, sold through FootAsylum as well as other selected retailers, it’s proved a big hit with fans, which is why we carry a large range of Voi clothing in our online store. Take a look at the bright, beautifully-designed collection we have on offer and then buy securely online.