Varsity Vogue from Criminal Damage

Criminal damage at footasylumCriminal damage at footasylum

Get that on-campus cool with Criminal Damage clothing that resurrects the collegiate fashions with retro-inspired designs and college sportswear that lets you rock that varsity vogue vibe.

Criminal Damage is known for tapping into every trend. Refusing to conform to one style or set ideology, their edgy streetwear is popular with people from all walks of life. The recent re-emergence of retro college wear has seen the world of high street fashion overturn all of its rules. From geek chic to bad boy cool, varsity vogue is adaptable to a variety of styles. Everyone from rappers to rock bands and style icons has been seen sporting letterman jackets and retro-inspired active wear.

Studious Style & Collegiate Cool

Wherever you are or were on the spectrum of cool at college, Criminal Damage has a reputation for classic understated style. From laidback looks to vintage vibes; Criminal Damage has a new range of colourful on-campus clothing that offers a relaxed but fashionable approach to everyday apparel. Block colour jackets and faded t-shirts are a firm favourite with this season’s trend-setters that can stamp their own style on these iconic vintage-inspired items.

Get that Vintage Vibe with Criminal Damage

If you want to recreate that retro vibe, you can achieve that varsity vogue with the Criminal Damage range of clothing inspired by university and college students.

Letterman Jacket – The classic letterman or varsity jacket began as part of a uniform for organised sports in America. With each college adopting their own colours, logos and designs; letterman jackets became a symbol of their achievements. Letter jackets have become part of vintage fashion as people seek to recreate this retro culture.

Faded T Shirts – The recent revival of vintage fashions saw the emergence of faded t shirts and prints from the era. Criminal Damage clothing has a number of faded colours and prints to choose from.

Block Colour Tops – Block colour is reminiscent of the retro era with vibrant tops and clean designs. From varsity hoodies to sports-inspired tops; Criminal Damage block colour tops add that vintage vibe to any outfit.

Go Retro with Criminal Damage from Footasylum

If you are looking to recreate that varsity vibe, you can find a range of Criminal Damage clothing that rocks that campus cool at Footasylum. From varsity jackets to college hoodies; you can find an array of Criminal Damage clothing to suit your style. To find out more, browse our online collection of Criminal Damage apparel today.