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Toms Shoes: The World's Most Charitable Footwear?

Not just a fashion statement, Toms shoes keep on giving.

Toms Espadrilles – Superb Summer Footwear

Keep your feet cool this summer with Toms espadrilles.

Toms – Exquisite Espadrilles for the Coming Summer

Toms footwear is cool, comfortable and perfect for the summer months.

Toms Footwear – the One for One Campaign

Toms helps children in need by giving away a pair of shoes for every pair bought.

Get Caring and Creative with Toms Footwear

You can get caringly creative with Toms footwear that give you the freedom to design your own custom pair whilst spreading the message of ethical footwear and shoes for all.

Toms Footwear – One Day Without Shoes

This month, the Toms team, followers and fans went one day without shoes to raise awareness for children in impoverished countries without adequate shoes and spread the word about their fantastic footwear.

Toms Shoes – Footwear to Feel Good About

You can feel good about your footwear with Toms shoes that start helping impoverished children all over the world as soon as you purchase a single pair.

Join the Footwear Revolution with Toms Shoes

Not only do Toms shoes give a pair to needy children for every pair you buy, but their unique style of shoes is revolutionising the footwear industry with a range of colourful, wearable alternatives to the standard flat shoe.

Buy a Pair and Show You care with Toms Shoes

With every purchase of a pair of Toms shoes, they will give a pair to a child that is in desperate need of quality footwear to help them walk long distances to school, fetch medical aid and just have fun being kids.

Three Reasons to Choose Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes is a relative newcomer to the footwear market, but there are plenty of reasons to become a fan.

Toms Shoes – Born in the USA

Many great brands of footwear have emerged from the United States and Toms shoes are certainly a name that can be added to that list. More and more footwear fans across the UK are added Toms shoes to their collection and it’s easy to see why.