Toms Footwear – the One for One Campaign

Toms at footasylum
Toms at footasylum

Toms helps children in need by giving away a pair of shoes for every pair bought.

Toms is a popular fashion footwear brand and one that sells a lot of shoes throughout several countries. It is a successful business and one that brings in a lot of money. What is more interesting though, is what the company does with this money.

The Birth of Toms Footwear

Toms footwear is the creation of an American traveller called Blake Mycoskie. It was not an urge to make a lot of money that drove him to begin his business, but something more valuable and more important. Blake visited Argentina and found that many young children had no shoes to wear. There are several reasons why this puts them at risk.

Disease – there are numerous soil-transmitted diseases that can be very dangerous for children. A simple pair of shoes can protect them from such diseases.
Injury – cuts and sores can develop easily without adequate footwear and become even more risky if cuts become infected.
Education – some schools do not allow students to enter unless they have shoes as part of a school uniform. This can be damaging as it prevents children from realising their potential and improving themselves.

This easily-solvable but significant problem prompted Blake to do something about it, and his solution was, and is Toms footwear.

One for One – Toms Footwear Makes a Difference

To provide children with essential footwear Blake realised that he needed money, or shoes, or both. He created Toms and decided that the company would match every pair bought and give them to those in need. After establishing the company Blake returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes and the company continues to stand by the one for one promise.

If you would like to buy some Toms footwear then check out the Footasylum website right now. Buy a pair for yourself and a pair will go to children in need. You won’t find many deals better than that.