Toms Footwear – One Day Without Shoes

Toms at footasylumTOMS at footasylum

This month, the Toms team, followers and fans went one day without shoes to raise awareness for children in impoverished countries without adequate shoes and spread the word about their fantastic footwear.

Toms are the leading ethical footwear brand. Their One for One campaign has taken the world by storm. For every pair of Toms shoes sold, another pair will be donated to a needy child in impoverished countries. From Argentina to Africa, over the past four years Toms have been committed to changing the lives of children around the world; helping them to avoid injury and diseases and attend schooling. Who knew a pair of shoes could do so much. As of September 2010, Toms had given away over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes to children in desperate need of footwear. Their latest campaign has enlisted the help of celebrities, companies and caring individuals who went for a day without shoes to raise awareness of the cause.

One for One and One Pair for All

Committed to bringing a pair of shoes to every needy child, Toms footwear has been rallying around to get as many people involved in the campaign as possible. From big business to celebrities and students; more and more people are becoming aware of this great cause and their fashionable footwear range. Their simple canvas espadrilles are all that is required to transform the lives of young people around the world; helping protect them against soil born diseases and injuries. Additionally, children can comfortably walk the distances required to their nearest schools and hospitals without risk to their health.

Shoeless Campaigning: Toms Inspire Others to Join the Footwear Revolution

This month, companies, organisations and individuals all around the world took part in their One Day Without Shoes campaign where they spent an entire day shoeless. In the hope that curiosity for the project would inspire people to get talking about the issues, Toms informed groups of their shoe drops and products. Helping others focus on what they can do to help, Toms shoes continue to make changes to ensure children in poorer countries receive the footwear they desperately need.

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