Three Reasons to Choose Toms Shoes

Toms at footasylumTOMS at footasylum

Toms Shoes is a relative newcomer to the footwear market, but there are plenty of reasons to become a fan.

There’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to street fashion footwear, but most brands are centred around trainers and boots rather than any other type of shoe. That means there’s a niche in the market for a brand like Toms Shoes, which designs and makes great looking, great value espadrilles.

Why Choose Toms Shoes?

The growth in popularity of the brand means that more and more people are checking out the Toms Shoes range for themselves. The company understands that people are looking for something a little different, and also knows that its target audience has a certain expectation of brand experience, so it’s built its business accordingly. Here are just three great reasons to buy:

  1. Great looks – it may sound obvious, but people don’t buy shoes if they don’t look good. Toms Shoes offers a range of great-looking espadrilles and low boots, sporting a variety of designs, from plain and simple to jazzed up and funky. Whatever you choose to wear them with, people are going to notice your latest buy.
  2. Great giving – the most stand-out thing about the Tom Shoes brand is the philanthropy that lies behind it. For every pair of shoes you buy, the brand gives away another pair to someone who needs it – particularly children who have no shoes to wear. The company has given away over one million pairs of shoes, which means that you’re doing a great thing just by buying.
  3. Great price – this is not a brand that’s about putting a premium on their shoes. When you buy Toms Shoes, you get great quality and style at affordable prices, and you know that even at the price you pay, your money is doing good somewhere else.

What are you waiting for? With these three benefits and more, there’s never been a better time to buy in advance of the warmer weather and give someone else a new lease of life.

Toms Shoes at Footasylum

The Toms Shoes brand is a relatively new addition to the Footasylum site, and they’re there because they produce fantastic footwear and we love what this company is all about. Check out our latest range of Toms Shoes and buy online today to give your wardrobe a fresh look and someone on the other side of the world a fresh start.