I reckon everyone has done some form of January fad. You know the ones… the lifestyle changes you can only make in January and then you go completely off the rails come February? Yep, them ones. Here's the top three that come round year after year. 

A controversial one that can be taken two ways – vegan January or veggie January. This one only really became main stream a few years ago, but it has its own website where you can make the pledge to go vegan for a whole month. No fried chicken, no cheese, no chocolate for 31 days. Are you up for the challenge?

There are lots of motives behind this one – health, animal welfare and environmental impact being the top ones. If you’re looking to kick the new year off with a challenge, then go for it! 
Dry January
With over two million people making the pledge every Jan, this is arguably something we could all benefit from after the festive season, but this fad actually has a number of benefits. The obvious one is that it is undoubtedly healthier for us to not drink and a whole month of this will leave you feeling fresh and full of life. But, possibly a better outcome of a dry month is a fresher fuller bank account!

Think about it, you’ll be ditching the £6 rum doubles for a £1.20 diet coke… you do the maths.
Re-joining the gym
I say re-joining because let’s face it, we have all joined and re-joined more times than we would care to admit. After a long winter of over indulging rounded off with Christmas and New Year, January is always the busiest time for gyms and health clubs. This is possibly the ultimate fad because give it a few weeks and the all year gym squad can breathe a sigh of relief as the treadmill queues are gone for another year.

Not necessarily saying this is a bad fad, if you want to get fit in Jan, you go for it, but this is the definition of a January fad!