A guy that can bring more beef than a cow, The Game (AKA Jay Terrell Taylor) turns 37 today.

To pay our respects to one of the biggest players in the rap game, we've put together our top five feuds from his career so far:

5.    Jay Z

This beef kind of fizzled out before it even started. The Game mentioned Jay in his song ‘My Bitch’ and took shots at one of hip hop's heavyweights.

But Jay stayed silent for a long time, only coming out to say he wouldn’t be responding to the diss. The Game eventually said it wasn’t anything personal, so this comes in at number five.    

4.    G-Unit crew

It seems like The Game has tried to start some beef with nearly every member of his ex-crew, G Unit.

None of these clashes (except for number 1) ever amounted to much, but it seems like The Game went out of his way to make sure he burned all of those bridges. 

3.    Young Thug

When Young Thug fell out with Lil Wayne he also started a feud with The Game.

From a few bad words being exchanged between them, to sending intimidating videos to each other, this beef got serious quickly. Nothing's really happened since, but who knows when soneone might fire another shot.

2.    Chris Brown

It’s no secret that Chris Brown has had beef with A LOT of people over the years, and it was just a matter of time before The Game weighed in.

It all started when The Game liked some of Karrueche Tran's pictures (Brown’s ex) on Instagram. Even though Brown was no longer with Karrueche he didn’t like The Game’s attention and started throwing some shade his way. Game responded with some equally vague dissing, but nobody got named directly.
1.    50 Cent  

What started out as a small conflict over scheduling turned into some of the biggest beef in hip-hop history, lasting over 10 years! It’s rumoured it started when 50 Cent’s album The Massacre got delayed due to the release of The Game’s album The Documentary

What resulted was years of diss tracks, quotes and social media blasting. Though the pair claim to have buried their beef earlier this year, we reckon it won’t be long until it all kicks off again.