If the loved up Insta posts all over your feed this morning didn't already remind you, today is Valentine's Day, but not all of us are as lucky in love as the cast of Does the Shoe Fit?

So we've got the ultimate guide to the do's and dont's of dating brought to you by Does the Shoe Fit's Chunkz, Filly, Jack, Unknown T, Alhan and more. 

Honesty is the Best Policy

Not feeling it? Realised you're just dating to find new friends like Filly? Just tell them, what's the worst that could happen.
Flowers Always Help

We're not telling you to go and pick some flowers from your local park but if you want to treat your date a flower is always a good idea as Konan proves. But like Chunkz said if her name's Lily a rose might not be the best choice.
Don't Go Too Big on the Gifts

Okay so you might think you've met the one but offering to buy them a white Range Rover after the first date is too much Filly.

Always Give them Compliments

Think your date looks like a queen? Tell them. 

Work on Your Chat Up Lines

FYI Konan asking someone if they have an electric toothbrush doesn't class as a chat up line.

Keep Your Cool and Have Fun

Dating isn't meant to be scary, just relax and keep your cool - you got this!
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