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Hype Clothing

In a real life rags-to-riches story, young designer Aidy Lennox – the creative driving force behind hip new clothing brand Hype – went from working in fashion retail to owning his own clothing label.

Lennox’s incredible success story owes much to his hard work, perseverance, attention to detail and an incredible flair for design which has resulted in the creation of one of the hottest clothing lines around.

The Instantaneous Appeal of Hype

Hype clothing has almost instantaneous appeal. Fashion forward and totally unique, Lennox’s designs are characterised by a predilection for bright colours, eye-watering geometric prints and underground fashion trends, which are re-conceptualised by Lennox and incorporated into his creative brand vision.

Most importantly, Lennox’s designs are a breath of fresh air for an industry which is currently dominated by global brands and uniform design aesthetics. And as counter culture moves slowly away from the make-do-and-mend ethic of the recession, Hype is leading the way into a new era of branded clothing which pays tribute to past fashion without being beholden to it.

In order to produce a comprehensive clothing line with mass-appeal, Lennox decided first to bring out his signature Hype T-shirts, then to expand into other areas of both clothing and accessories, including:

  • Beanies and Caps
  • Sunglasses and Socks
  • Sweatshirts
  • Backpacks and Holdalls
  • Jackets and Anoraks
  • Skateboards
  • Key Rings, Lighters, Stickers and Buttons
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