The Beck and Hersey Man-ual

Beck & hersey at footasylum
Beck & hersey at footasylum
When it comes to men’s fashion are men kicking back to a more macho vibe with masculine brands like Beck and Hersey?

Newspapers are packed with column inches debating the objectification of women; size zero models and the sexualisation of young girls, for instance. So where do men fit in all of this?

Some believe that men are being feminised too. Hair straightening irons, facials and anorexia in men seem to be on the rise. Traditionally, fashion has revolved around male equivalents of female models: pale, skinny, boyish. If it weren’t for straight forward brands like Beck and Hersey, men could be left with no choice but bland High Street clothes or pie in the sky catwalk cuts designed for men with unreal body shapes.

Men are in crisis. And now a book has come out in response to men who would rather be straightening their hair than jump starting a car: Kurt Anderson’s How to Back up a Trailer - a guide for men to become more burly and manly by doing traditional macho things, like arm wrestling, downing a shot, or smoking a cigar.

Beck and Hersey: Forward Thinking

When it comes to clothes, luckily there are men’s fashion brands that are uncompromisingly male. Beck and Hersey has been described as the ‘forward thinking’ UK fashion label. Like many of the leading male fashion brands, including Gio Goi, Beck and Hersey came from the urban, down to earth streets of Manchester. The northern spirit of Beck and Hersey ensures its feet are firmly on the ground compared to the more airy fairy southern scene where fashion leans towards haute couture.

Real Men, Real Role Models

For men who want to look good but in a straightforward way, Beck and Hersey is fast becoming the brand of choice. What’s more, Beck and Hersey is directly inspired by the competitive world of sports, with dedicated athletic ranges “inspired by the drive and focus that sports can bestow”. Beck and Hersey models are not from the world of the catwalks but professional and semi-professional athletes local to Manchester have been enrolled to spearhead the Beck and Hersey Athletic range campaign. The brand gives real men, real role models, including cyclists, footballers and boxers. For men who don’t want to be vain about fashion but do want to look good, Beck and Hersey is set to be the biggest men’s brand in Britain. For Beck and Hersey it isn’t just the clothes a man wears that makes him a man, but his actions. The brand channels positive sporting role models “to inspire, invigorate and fire up the spirit of sport and youth.”

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