Supra Trainers – Simple but Effective Style

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Supra trainers have only been around for six years but they are already taking the world by storm.

Casual clothing and footwear has increased in popularity hugely in the past few decades. This has led to a rise in the production of casual fashion items. Competition in this area has subsequently become fierce, so it is always a risk for a new brand to launch when there are already so many established companies. This did not trouble Supra, which launched back in 2006 and offers a stylish footwear collection.

Supra Trainers – The Birth of a Brand

Launching a new company in these austere times is always a risk, but especially so when it is in the world of casual fashion. This market is saturated with brands trying to succeed, but Supra trainers were released into the world, and the world saw that they were good.

The Secrets of the Success of Supra Trainers

Supra trainers have been accepted and adopted by many people for a couple of reasons:

An appeal to various niches

Most brands do well because they appeal to certain people within society. There are few products that are adopted by everyone, but when groups start wearing certain clothes fashions start and this is how labels find success.

Supra trainers have struck a chord with the urban music scene and because this is going on all over the UK and beyond, the craze has spread. Supra trainers are also popular with skaters and alternative sports fans, and the fact that they have been worn by stars such as Jay Z and Lil Wayne hasn’t hurt either.

Simple but effective style

Their style is the main reason that Supra trainers have succeeded where other new brands have failed. These shoes take inspiration from footwear of the past century that has been popular, from brands such as Converse, Adidas, Nike and Puma. They have used the best aspects of these trainers and used it to create some original, but nostalgic footwear.

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