Supra Footwear, As Seen On the Stars

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Stylish Supra footwear has been spotted on the trendy feet of the globe’s top stars.

From the dark and mysterious world of Lil’ Wayne, the mischievously punkish planet of Avril Lavigne, to the fresh and innocent existence of X Factor contestant Harry Styles, it seems that Supra footwear is making a mark just about everywhere.

Supra footwear is the love child of remarkable people such as Kevin Romar, Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Chad Muska, Mike “Lizard King” Plumb, Terry Kennedy, Tom Penny, Ali Boulala, Samantha Ronson and many other skating stars. From the skateboarding apparel company, KR3W, these thrill seeking skateboarding personalities have clubbed together to create something spectacular in the fashion world.

Now the Supra footwear brand has spread its love from its roots in Costa Mesa in California to the rest of the world, and Supra footwear is seen on the stylish feet of celebs from all walks of the industry.

Who’s Been Spotted in Supra Footwear?

It seems that no matter what walk of life, no matter what your profession, no matter what your passion in life, Supra footwear has a place to live in your wardrobe. From rappers to David Beckham’s children, Supra footwear is a stylish choice for male or females of any age and any background.

Here are just a few Supra footwear fans in the celebrity world:
  • Rihanna – one of the biggest female solo artists of our time, Rihanna shows her love for Supra footwear as she travels around the world. It seems that on her more casual days off stage, this female singer loves to relax in comfortable Supra trainers!
  • Fabolous – recognised for his distinctive singing / rapping voice, Fabolous also has a distinctive dress sense and is seen sharing his love of Supra footwear in a photoshoot as he wears an all-cream ensemble with stylish black Skytops.
  • Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne is the ultimate skater chic so it’s no surprise that she loves the Supra footwear collection so much!
  • Lil’ Wayne – this notorious rapper has earned a sterling reputation in the industry and his endorsement of the Supra footwear brand is incredible as he in continuously spotted with a new pair of Supra trainers on stage, at award shows, and just out and about.
  • Lindsay Lohan – this rebellious lady constantly mixes glamour with casual pieces, fusing together red carpet style with the relaxed, sporty look and the way she pulls off the Supra trainer is oh-so-chic.

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